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Baltic Overlanders is proud to be the exclusive dealer for Egoe-nest, a company with a passion for quality and precision. Their dedication to creating innovative, sustainable, and practical products is evident in everything they do. Egoe-nest’s commitment to quality and sustainability is perfectly aligned with Baltic Overlander’s values, making them the perfect partner in providing the best outdoor solutions to their customers.

Once upon a time, a group of designers from the Designcité+ Studio came together with a shared love of the great outdoors. They wanted to inspire others to leave the office and embrace nature, to take a deep breath of fresh air, and to find peace in observing ever-changing natural surroundings.

Their creativity and drive to seek new challenges led them to design and deliver installations in transport infrastructure. Their job required a focus on every detail, imagining real people, their tastes, and their needs behind every product they created. This led them to design not only for transport infrastructure but also for outdoor furniture, creating products that are both practical and attractive.

Knowing that outdoor conditions can be harsh, the team prioritized the quality of materials and uncompromising manufacture in every product they made. They believed in the skills of Czech craftsmen and refused to import any semi-products. All their products were made in the Czech Republic, in their home area of Bílovice or the surrounding neighborhood.

Their company’s name reflected their dedication to self-sufficiency. They wanted to create items that were missing in the market, and products that they themselves would want to use when staying outdoors. They were demanding in their respect for several key principles, just as they believed their customers should be: seeking quality, practicality, and durability in everything they do.

Egoe-nest shares this passion for quality and sustainability, creating products that are both innovative and practical. Baltic Overlanders is proud to offer Egoe-nest products to their customers, knowing that their dedication to quality and sustainability is perfectly aligned with their own values.