Baltic Overlander is proud to offer Alu-Cab products in the Baltics – Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania to overland travelers who are looking for durable and high-quality aluminum products. Alu-Cab Cape Town (H/O) opened its doors in 2000, and since then, the company has grown from building the very first aluminum canopy to a full-scale manufacturing plant catering to the world market.

Today, Alu-Cab offers a range of aluminum products for the automotive, leisure, and commercial industries. Their manufacturing plant is comprised of 14 factories with over 400 staff members, and their Alu-Cab product range is distributed in 73 countries.

As a home-grown South African company with its full manufacturing facility based in Ottery, Cape Town, Alu-Cab is committed to delivering quality products that exceed your expectations. With their expertise in engineering and design, Alu-Cab offers overland travelers innovative solutions for their camping needs.

Whether you’re in need of a rooftop tent, aluminum canopy, or any other aluminum product, Alu-Cab has you covered. With their commitment to durability and quality, you can trust that Alu-Cab products will provide you with a reliable and comfortable overland experience.